Mad Millennials Mission

To support the millennial generation with their mental health and wellbeing

We’re on a mission to not only de-stigmatise mental health issues amongst young people but to support millennials through the power of connection and peer-to-peer support.

What is Mad Millennials?

Mad Millennials (MM) is the UK’s first non-profit enterprise organisation dedicated to supporting the millennial generation’s mental health and wellbeing. We raise awareness around mental health, foster conversations to de-stigmatise the topic and provide real and relevant support through various mediums including one-on-one sessions, peer support groups, events, and digital content.

Through a growing digital and in-person community, events and partnerships with organisations such as the NHS mental health services, Soho House, and the Saracens Foundation, MM is creating welcoming spaces for a generation in need. MM’s pre-crisis intervention services are aimed to alleviate the pressure felt by millennials , address the gap in services and demand, and normalise the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of mental health.

Each year we focus on an overarching theme with smaller monthly themes that we address drawing upon our professional and personal experiences. 2023 is all about ‘Emotional Regulation: How to survive in a messy world’ whereas 2022’s theme was ‘Difficult Conversations’. We are an all-female, all-volunteer organisation that is looking to expand and make a real difference to young people’s mental health and wellbeing. 

What We Are Trying To Solve

Statistics show that 1 in 4 people will be diagnosed with a mental health condition at some point in their lives, with many more falling through the cracks and struggling in private. The NHS is underfunded, oversaturated, and unable to meet demand, with people in need facing very long waiting lists, otherwise forced to seek prohibitively expensive private treatment. These are among the reasons behind a large and preventable number of adults reaching crisis point, and a ‘pandemic’ of loneliness sweeping through society. 

As the group with the ‘second-worst wellbeing in the world’ (Independent, 2017), millennials face a multitude of challenges such as mental health difficulties, emotions, social pressures, societal expectations, managing workload and loneliness (to name a few).

By examining our personal experiences with seeking support and working within mental health field, we found that the current the mental health support model is broken. Not only are most mental health services nearly impossible to access due to demand and cost, they also come with personal barriers. Support can often feel business-like, clinical, and devoid of humanity. Millennials often report feeling uncomfortable and like they are a statistic rather than a person when seeking formal treatment – another barrier to getting the most benefit out of the mental health support people are able to access (if at all). 

Our Work To Date

MM has collaborated with mental health service providers, including social prescribers, community groups, and other charities like Mind, CALM, and Friends in Need to alleviate the pressure felt by practitioners. This allows us to provide mental health support in a way that does not distract from others, and to take a more flexible approach to the peer support or one-on-one sessions with clients.

We pride ourselves on a frank and down to earth approach to demystifying and de-stigmatising mental health topics to our community that other platforms often shy away from, like touching upon grief, finances, and medicating mental illnesses. Staying on top of content trends allows us to respond flexibly and honestly, collaborating often with other amazing organisations such as Sex Ed Matters and Positive Changes in Placements

We have also held mental health workshops as part of the Saracens Foundation’s prison reform programme and will be launching our corporate services in summer 2023 to hold some workshops for parents and carers to support younger adults/adolescents with their mental health and de-stigmatise discussions surrounding the topic. 

In addition to our numerous workshops with charitable foundations and our peer support groups, we held our first in person event in July 2022. It featured 12 individuals active in the mental health sphere including activists, practitioners, people with lived experience, and social entrepreneurs on three panels: complex mental illnesses, gender identity and sexuality, and cultural and societal expectations.

We are excited to announce we are confirmed to be hosting a ‘safe space’ booth at Slam Dunk festivals in spring 2023. Additionally, we recently secured a hosting run for an indie radio talk show, called Voices Radio, focused on mental health in the music industry. We will soon be launching our very own podcast called We’re All Just Winging It, where we will be having unfiltered conversations around mental health.