Loneliness can be defined as the state of distress or discomfort that results when we perceive a gap between our desires for social connection and actual experiences of it (@mentalhealthfoundation).

Feeling lonely isn’t in itself a mental health problem though they are often linked. Human beings are social creatures with the innate need to connect socially 🗣🫂

There are 3 types of loneliness often discussed; situational, developmental and internal, though it is important to remember that loneliness looks different to everyone and there is a vast difference between being alone and feeling lonely ‼️

YouGov, 2019 called Millennials “the loneliest generation” based on a survey that polled 1,254 adults and only this month ‘Telstra’s Talking Loneliness’ report found that 1 in 2 Gen Z (54%) and Millennials (51%) reported that they regularly feel lonely — a figure much higher than that of other generations 😔

Millennials feeling lonely isn’t a new phenomena but the pandemic has certainly shoved feelings of disconnect and loneliness in our face. How are you feeling? 🧡

When feelings of loneliness and isolation worsen and continue long-term there may be more serious signs and symptoms to be aware of. This month we will be delving into this topic further 👀

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