Mental health content

Using Kapwing To Create Our Mental Health Content

Overall, we are highly impressed with Kapwing and its ability to simplify the video editing process while offering collaborative features that are essential for our team. It has saved us a lot of time and frustration and has helped us create videos that are engaging and effective in spreading our message about mental health awareness. We highly recommend Kapwing to anyone looking for a simple and efficient video editing solution.

Last year we hosted our first live event in partnership with Soho House to discuss and begin the conversation around more taboo mental health topics. As a small team of volunteers, it’s taken a while for us to find time to cut and prep the content we recorded. But now that we have Kapwing, we’ve been able to work through all of our content in less time than anticipated and have now started releasing it to our community. Check out our Instagram to catch up with our event content here.

Kapwing also offers a range of templates and tools that make it easy for us to create videos quickly and professionally. We can add captions, text overlays, and other effects that help make our videos stand out. Additionally, Kapwing allows us to import a wide range of file formats, including photos, videos, and audio files, so we can easily integrate our existing content into our videos. The effect of this has meant that we are a lot more productive with our video editing process and now look forward to it.

What sets Kapwing apart from other video editing tools is its collaborative features. As a team, we can work together in real-time to edit videos, which saves us a lot of time and makes the process much more efficient. We no longer have to send files back and forth or deal with version control issues. With Kapwing, everything is in one place, and everyone can access the same video and work on it simultaneously.

Kapwing is an online collaborative video editor that has revolutionised the way we create and edit videos. It has simplified the video editing process, making it accessible to all of our team, regardless of whether they have used video editing software in the past. With Kapwing, we can easily create engaging videos that help us spread our message and connect with our audience and has finally made the process of editing our content fun and easy!

As a non-profit organisation focusing on mental health awareness, creating and editing videos is a key component of our outreach and awareness efforts. Part of our organisation’s impact comes from curating original and educational content that we are able to share with our community. For us to do this well, it’s important for us as a non-profit to be using the right tools to not only be efficient in how we create this content but to ensure all of our content is of a high standard. However, finding a video editing solution that meets our needs was challenging until we discovered Kapwing.