Work Hard. Play Hard. Mad Millennials

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Could you tell a bit about Mad Millennials?

Mad Millennials is a non-profit organisation set up by Charlotte Brockman (24) and Lauren Bamford (23). Our journey began when we were both studying Psychology at the University of Liverpool in 2016 and we later discovered our shared passion to want to make a difference to how mental health in millennials is spoken about, discussed and presented in the media.  This led to establishing the foundations of Mad Millennials, and after securing funding from an O2 scheme called ‘Go Think Big’, we have been able to start growing.

Mad Millennials is about raising awareness of mental health difficulties in the millennial generation. We use the term ‘millennials’ loosely as anyone who identifies as a millennial is welcome to the support and resources we provide and offer. Our aim is to create a community, platform and space in which we can support millennials, including providing a place people feel listened to and understood.

We recognise there are many areas of our lives such as finances, social media and work pressure that can have a detrimental impact on our mental well-being if they are not managed well. We intend to highlight these issues in our work through starting conversations and discussions with millennials.

What made you want to start MM?

We have both struggled with our mental health whilst growing up and have found from leaving school, starting university, and then more recently entering employment, heading into our twenties was a time where our mental health struggles were exacerbated. I (Charlotte) have suffered with OCD as well as anxiety and Lauren up to more recently struggled with anxiety and depression. Having both received support from the NHS and secondary services, we strongly believe in the importance of early intervention, but moreover how further accessible interventions are needed to reduce waiting lists and further distress.

Mad Millennials is a peer support organization, in which we both reflect on our previous experience of mental health and life difficulties and how we have overcome these. In addition to this (I) Lauren have an MSc in Clinical Aspects of Psychology and work for the NHS, in which I have seen first-hand the demands for increased support and services, especially in our generation. Overall, both a professional and personal perspective adds to the originality of Mad Millennials and how we aim to offer our services.