We have launched our very own mental health hub at festivals to give festival goers peace of mind that there is somewhere they can visit at anytime if they need extras support. Festivals, although a place of excitement, can also be overwhelming and stressful environments. Our hub provides a safe space for anyone who wants to chill out and take a pause.

Reasons why we think ALL festivals need MM mental health hubs:

➡️ Festivals can be incredible places, of escapism, euphoria and energy but they can also be overwhelming and overstimulating

➡️ No one has started to fully represent this space before to alleviate pressure from medical services and welfare tents

➡️ Crowded spaces can cause some people to panic, we are trained to de-escalate and safeguard accordingly

➡️ There are thousands of people at festivals, it can be very easy to loose friends, people can safely wait with us or use it as a meeting point

Our trained Mad Millennials team is on hand at each festival to provide mental health support and a listening ear.

Local and national resources are available from our resource table, giving additional support to those who need it.

Our chill out space is the perfect place for anyone to take some time out. We provide guided meditations and a place to chat away from the fast paced festival.