Life as a Millennial

Social Media

Understandably, social media is a big topic for millennials. We have grown up alongside it, with online presence being part of our social DNA.

So it’s not a surprise that millennials (aka digital natives) are helping to open up the dialogue around mental health. Our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles beam out our personal information, meaning that the leap to begin discussing personal issues like mental health doesn’t seem so great. 

There are undoubtedly positives; people are able to personalise their profiles with images, videos and words that express who they are and how they identify with the world around them.

The community-building aspect provides people with essential interaction, particularly when they may not have access to face-to-face support currently. By joining ‘groups’ or ‘pages’ young people can surround themselves with like-minded people and share their thoughts or concerns. Just like this space. However, we are becoming increasingly aware of the flip side and negative impact of this. The highly addictive machine that very often we become heavily immersed in and dependent on.


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